Sovereign controls a globally significant, strategic rutile province across its large ground holding in Malawi, with its flagship project Kasiya, the world’s largest natural rutile deposit.

This globally significant rutile province in Malawi, a stable, transparent jurisdiction known as “the Warm Heart of Africa”. Malawi is increasingly attracting international investment with substantial potential for mining to contribute to the country’s economic growth and development. Central Malawi boasts excellent existing infrastructure including grid power and an excellent sealed road network.

Kasiya is strategically located in close-proximity to the capital city of Lilongwe, providing access to a skilled workforce and mining and industrial services. The location provides access to the operating Nacala Rail Corridor linking to the Indian Ocean deep water port of Nacala in Mozambique, providing a low-cost transport solution and access to major international markets.

The Company’s objective is to develop a large-scale, long life rutile-graphite operation, focusing on developing an environmentally responsible, sustainable and socially uplifting operation.

Sovereign is rapidly continuing a PFS for the Kasiya project to unlock this major source of two critical minerals.

Kasiya Rutile-Graphite Project

Malawi & Infrastructure

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